Thursday, April 7, 2011

Favorite top 5 performances at Ultra Music Festival 2011 (UMF 2011)

There were so many great sets in UMF11 it was impossible to see them all. I saw a lot, but in the age of YOUTUBE,  I also went through a lot of videos to re-live some moments and to discover what I've missed. Here are my favorite top 5 performances and shows at Ultra Music Festival 2011!

1. Deadmau5 "Moar Ghosts n Stuff" (Saturday)  Everyone went crazy!!!  :)

2. Afrojack & David Guetta "Louder Than Words" w/ LIVE VOCALS!! One of my favorite songs, live! Vocals start at 1:30, gets really good at 3:25.

3. Empire of the Sun "Walking on a Dream" Loved the visual/costumes of this band playing their hit.

4. Benny Benassi.  Cinema (Skrillex Remix). This was EPIC, Benny dropping Skrillex's remix of his new hit, Cinema.

5. Plays "One More Time" of Daft Punk. Crowd got really crazy --- he paid tribute to DP.

Bonus notable set:

For those who know the Glitch Mob, this was an awesome remix / mashup of their epic anthem...Drive it Like You Stole It (original track here)

....ok one more....too many to choose from.
Sub Focus dropping their new track, which has yet to be named, "Falling down again ill pick you up..."



  1. so funny how people's opinions differ. personally i thought deadmau5 was really disappointing and i left to go see claude vonstroke's set. you're right about sub focus (amazing)and benassi, but personally afrojack, wolfgang gartner, laidback luke, mstrkrft, skrillex, nero, many more stole the show. was garbage too

  2. Haha that is the beauty of Ultra this year...perhaps their most diverse lineup.

    You are not the first to disagree with me on Deadmau5, he was more of a love/hate set this year. So much of the experience depends on your mood at the time and your group of friends/crowd.

  3. Deadmau5 played the exact same set he's played across the country for the past 9 months. Literally the ONLY difference was the presence of Tommy Lee and Sofi.

    Extremely disappointing, especially when you look at all of the new and exciting music that was introduced at Ultra. He just wants to tour to promote his album, that's fine, but don't expect me to say "thanks for playing your CD, you are SO AMAZING Deadmau5!!!"

    The music should be good enough to transcend whatever the surroundings are. The people that hated deadmau5 did not hate him because they weren't with the right friends, or not on the right drugs. They hated him because he's been doing the same shit 15x a month now.

    Even the lights were the same as always...

  4. I thought deadmau5 was lame at ultra. I thought the best performances were Carl Cox and Moby on Saturday night, I made it front row before Moby even started and trooped it out with one bottle of water for 5 hours through Carl cox while I was fucked up as hell and caught a shirt from him, then ran out of the tent at the last few minutes from the worst dehydration i've ever had. The Chemical Brothers played an epic set and that was some of the loudest bass I've ever heard, I definitely hope they will be there in 2012. Claude Vonstroke, Tiesto, ATB, and Afrojack had cool sets as well.